Policies & Procedures

Tuition and Registration

All American Gymnastics offers year-round classes for all ages and abilities. An annual registration fee of $60.00 per child will be charged and is non-refundable. This fee will need to be paid by the child’s first class and will be due annually on your child’s start date.

Class tuition should be paid on the first class of the month. Tuition not paid by your child’s first class will be assessed a $15.00 late fee. For your convenience, there is a Check Drop Slot located in the receptionist’s bar. In order to ensure proper account placement please remember to put your child’s name and class time on the bottom of your check. Do Not Place Cash in the Slot! We accept CHECKS, CASH, and AUTODRAFT, no credit cards or debit cards at this time.  Ask the receptionist or a staff member for a cash receipt.

There will be a $35.00 fee for return checks.

Withdrawal from Class

All American Gymnastics requires a 30-day notice for all class withdrawals.

Notification of withdrawals must be in writing and go directly to the office.

Coaches are not responsible for any withdrawal notices.

As stated on our Registration Form, monthly tuition will be billed until our office is notified of a withdrawal. After a student drops out of a class there is NO guarantee there will be a space available if they choose to return to their original class time. If the class of their choice is full, we will recommend another class or place the child on a waiting list.

*You are liable for tuition and will be charge until we are notified IN WRITING that your child has discontinued class.*

Class Conduct and Attendance

All students will be expected to exercise good behavior and manners in class and in the waiting areas. The All American Gymnastics staff reserves the right to drop a student from class for poor attendance, disciplinary reasons, or being behind in tuition. No GUM, CANDY, or FOOD is allowed in the gym. Students need to be on time for their class and MUST BE PICKED UP PROMPTLY. Your child must only attend classes they are registered in. In order for us to keep a small student/teacher ratio, there are no make-ups for missed classes.

Class Visitation

Our observation area is upstairs; we encourage your visitation and want you to see your child’s progress. There are posted observation rules and we ask that everyone follow the rules. This is for the benefit of all of our visitors. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are not following the observation area rules. Class observation is upstairs only. No parents are allowed on the gym floor without staff permission. This is for the safety of our students and staff. Any distraction could cause them to lose their concentration increases the opportunity for injury. There are enough distractions during a class that we do not want to add to them with parents on the gym floor. Please help us and for the enjoyment of others by complying with this.


All American Gymnastics observes most of the Brazosport Independent School District holidays and there may be times during the year that your gym may close for instructor training or competitions. We try to give enough notice before a closure that all families can plan ahead. Notes will be passed out to students for two classes there will be a notice posted on the bulletin board in the office area. Please call our office or ask your child’s instructor if you have questions about an upcoming holiday or gym closure.

Dress Code

A student’s attire is very important and we ask that you dress your child in the proper clothing. The All American Gymnastics Staff reserves the right to sit a child out of their class for incorrect attire. All female students in our gymnastics classes are required to wear any color or style leotard. Female students in our tumbling classes are allowed to wear well-fitted shorts and a well-fitted shirt tucked into the shorts. Tumblers may wear tennis shoes as long as the shoes have a non-marking sole. All male students in our gymnastics classes need to wear well-fitting elastic-waisted shorts (no buttons, zippers, or cut-offs allowed) and a well-fitted t-shirt tucked in. Children with long hair must have their hair tied back securely and jewelry must be left at home. We provide an area for our student’s shoes and other clothing items that need to be stored during class, but we ask that all valuables be left at home. Make sure your child gets all the items they came with. All American Gymnastics is not responsible for any left, lost or stolen items.

We appreciate the opportunity to train your child in the sport of Gymnastics. We are determined to provide a safe and fun experience for your child and all of our visitors. We hope you have a great time while you are at All American Gymnastics and if any time you have a question please feel free to ask your instructor, a staff member, or call our office.


The Willcoxon’s – Owners
And the Staff of All American Gymnastics